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Elaine is a healer who specialises in Energy Psychology for people and animals.  She aims to inspire clients to clear their limiting beliefs, release current and past hurts and traumas and to develop positivity, focus and a sense of peace in their lives.  With a rigorous, academic scientific background she brings empirical knowledge as well as highly developed intuition and the application of cutting-edge Energy Psychology techniques to her working practice.  


Before becoming a therapist, Elaine's professional career spanned many sectors and organisations: higher, further and secondary education, laboratory and field research, organisational development and consultancy in the public and private sector and latterly, five years as a Senior Manager in the NHS.  Teaching, personal development and coaching have always been an integral part of her work and she has successfully coached many people from executives to those on the 'shop floor'.  Her doctoral degree was earned in Education.


She has more than 50 published papers, articles and book chapters to her name, and four books co-authored with Marion Duffy (See www.mirrenjones.co.uk) two of which are considered classics in their field: Facilitating Groups in Primary Care and Facilitating Organisational Development in Primary Care.


Derailment in 2004 by Chronic Fatigue / Immune Deficiency Syndrome and subsequent early retirement from the NHS provided Elaine with the opportunity to change her life.  She credits her recovery largely due to the healing power of Energy Therapy and thus undertook extensive study and training in both Healing and Emotional Freedom Techniques.  She has been a fervent practitioner ever since, bringing success to both human and animal clients.


Elaine has a private practice in the beautiful and easily accessible surroundings of Raglan, Monmouthshire.  When not working she is likely to be found with her horses, gardening,  walking the dog or writing her next book.




Dr. Elaine Atkins EdD, MSc, BSc, PGCE(FE), EFT 2 (AAMET)

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