Energy Psychology (EP) uses the latest principles of how your mind-body system transfers information and energy and encodes belief patterns.  It utilises self-stimulation of acupuncture points (but without the needles) in combination with certain established techniques from psychology and psychotherapy such as cognitive and imagery methods and focusing.  


Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as 'tapping') is the most popular form of Energy Psychology used by several million people worldwide, including therapists, doctors and other clinicians, socialcare workers and coaches.  It is swift, safe and effective, and has provided relief not only from all kinds of emotional issues but has established a track-record in shifting, or even curing physical ailments.  This is because there is almost always an emotional component to a physical disease.  


Energy Psychology is a powerful modality that can produce healing directly, and rapidly, without the need for prolonged courses of therapy and sometimes even without a need to identify the trauma that caused the problem.  


The number of research studies published in peer-reviewed professional journals documenting the efficacy of Energy Psychology and increasing understanding of how it works is growing yearly (see, adding to the tens of thousands of successful case histories reported by practitioners across the globe.  


What happens in a consultation?









About Energy Psychology






We sit opposite each other as in a coaching / counselling session.  You are shown how to tap on yourself by imitation if you have not previously experienced EP.  Questions are used to establish the focus of the problem/s and emotionally charged issues are 'tapped away' until you are more comfortable.  I also focus on helping you to learn and confidently apply some of the techniques yourself so that you are in the best position possible to continue on your own, without having to rely on a therapist in the longer term.  You are given suitable resources to assist you with this process.

To view a recent BBC report on the effectiveness of EFT, watch this video: Professor Tony Stewart/Staffordshire University