Elaine has helped many horses and dogs in the course of her work using Energy Psychology Techniques in conjunction with Animal Communication and Healing.  Consultations are  carried out at the animal's home or conducted remotely.  There are a multitude of psychological / behavioural problems that animals can display, and these may often have arisen through past or current trauma, such as:


  • Separation from mother and siblings

  • Knowing to whom you belong

  • Confusion about what is wanted of you

  • Rejection of your best efforts

  • Bullying by bigger or stronger animals

  • Loss of an owner or companion animal

  • Humiliation and cruelty

  • Being trapped or powerless in the face of threat

  • Abandonment


    These themes are seen over and over again in the animal world, and animals, like humans, are capable of holding onto past traumas which continue to affect their behaviour over the course of their lives.  


    What Happens During a Consultation?

  • The owner is asked questions re known past history / problem onset

  • Whole body energy assessment is made (chakra system)

  • Intuitive Animal Communication directly with the animal explores the animal's view of behaviours, feelings, needs and wants.  This part of the consultation can be very comforting to owners who wish to share information with their pet or send specific messages to them.

  • EFT – ‘surrogate tapping’ (on human for the animal) is used to help clear negative emotions and behaviours.



The positive effects of the healing may be instantaneous, or gradually manifest over time. Often owners report that the animal rests much more than usual for a few days after the consultation.  This is perfectly normal, as their energy system rebalances.  Radical changes in emotional state and behaviours have been achieved.  





Lark whispering 2010

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